If you’re in Manchester, this one’s for you…

With less than two weeks to go until the Tory party conference in Manchester, Drive 2 Survive Campaigners have announced plans to set up a temporary Gypsy site within walking distance from the Conservative Party Conference.

Featuring all the colour of Europe’s biggest horse fair Appleby Fair, the temporary site is being set up to show the people of Manchester and conference delegates a sample of the cultures that will be outlawed if Priti Patel’s Police Bill becomes law.

With space for up to 30 living vehicles the site will feature representatives from the Romany Gypsy, Irish Traveller, Scottish Traveller and New Traveller cultures whose nomadic heritage will be outlawed. Beautiful old Romany vardos will sit alongside beautifully crafted New Traveller living vehicles. Horses and carts will all take part in national demonstration against the Tory Party on Sunday 3rd October.

If you would like to stop on the site from October 1st to October 5th please contact Drive 2 Survive Co-chair Jake Bowers on bowersjake02@gmail.com with details of your vehicles and participants.

Sharable here – https://www.facebook.com/107770261592954/posts/128399889529991/


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