No one appears to give a fuck about the working class Londoners who have been forced out by the rich, by tourism, by Air BnB, by social cleansing, by corrupt Labour local authorities, by a completely deregulated property market, by the moneyed middle-classes, by the deliberate managed decline of our spaces and by the overcrowding of once accessible cheap accommodation.

It become a city for bosses, landlords, mafia-gangs and smug cunts, where everyone was dragged into the alienating competition – like it or not. Families, support networks, intergenerational wisdom and rich cultural seams have been destroyed and many Londoners have ended up on the streets, literally driven insane. The cunts in suits have done what Hitler couldn’t do – we have to take it all back.

★Developers & Landlords. Parasites. & Politicians – Out of Our Cities★

★The Whitechapel Anarchist on the Battersea/Nine Elms Dystopia:

★Nonce-loving scabs at Lambeth Labour Party on the take from landlords and developers:


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