Hang The Politicians, Not The Monkey

There are just over 70,000 eligible voters in the Parliamentary constituency of Hartlepool, 15,529 voted Conservative, 8,589 voted Labour and 5,815 voted for ‘others’. That means over 40,000 people did not vote.

An increasing number of people appear to have had enough of out of touch, growth-bound, obsolete, and state-owned political parties and politicians. “They are all the same” is the constant refrain whenever I get into a conversation about politicians. We need to transfer power and energy away from vote-begging and the entrenched political class and towards strong and vibrant community groups based upon the main tenets of anarchism – direct action, mutual-aid and solidarity. Where people’s voices are actually heard, where decision-making about our everyday lives and what happens in our communities, can be be undertaken at a grass-roots, truly democratic level, instead of being passed down from on-high by the ‘free-market’ and by systematically-corrupted and careerist, local and national politicians.

They, and their system are obsolete – we must continually say fuck them, become ungovernable and stand with the natural constituents of anarchism, the non-voter. If you live in Hartlepool and you are an anarcho-malcontent and want to start doing something to tap into the discontent, a monthly stall, a mutual-aid group, fly-posting, etc, then you can expect support from the anarchist movement around the country – we will send you leaflets, posters, papers, stickers, badges, advice, etc.

★Direct Action★MutualAid★Grass-Roots Solidarity★

Carne William Ross: ‘Anarchism is our only alternative’. 2:08mins
Labour’s Hartlepool disaster. 1:47mins. From The Whitechapel Anarchist
History tour Hartlepool. Including, Ridley Scott, Robert the Bruce, H’angus the monkey and Andy Capp. 15mins

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