Writing to Prisoners

As you can see from the previous post – We are proud of those who fought back against the police – a number of the protesters arrested and charged after the #KillTheBillProtests in Bristol earlier this year. More are awaiting trial. With the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill set to become law, heavier sentences are an inevitability for anyone who gets arrested, charged and convicted. One thing we can do to help is to offer solidarity to our comrades who are incarcerated…

This is from Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

Adopt a prisoner

If you’re active in a group or campaign why not choose one or two prisoners to consistently support. Pass cards round meetings, send useful stuff, knock up a flyposter and get their case some publicity if they could use it, get in touch with the prisoner’s support group if there is one. Of course you can take this on as an individual, too.

Writing to prisoners/sending things

Prison is isolation, so contact with the outside world, letting a prisoner know s/he is not forgotten, helps break this down. Sometimes just a friendly card can boost their morale. For example, we received a letter from Herman Wallace, after sending him a card from the group. He said,

” It is quite essential that I take out a moment to express my gratitude to all the wonderful folk who sent me so much love & support in this one card. I am really touched by the intensity of energy from this card and I just had to stand up from my seat and smile. Thank you. Right now, in spite of my repressive condition you guys have made me feel GREAT!”

Writing for the first time to a complete stranger can be awkward. A card with some well wishes, a bit about who you are and asking what you can do to help is often enough. Don’t expect prisoners to write back. Sometimes, the number of letters they can receive/write is restricted, or they just might not be very good a writing back. To help, include a couple of stamps if a UK prisoner, or even better, a stamped addressed envelope. However, if you are writing to a prisoner abroad, International Reply Coupons are unfortunately no longer available from the Post Office and there is no simple alternative.

You can read the rest of this page here.

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