Free pizza on Wardour Street

This account was first published on the Resisting Anti-Trespass Facebook page

Here’s Pizza RA-T’s account of their eviction and lies about the food share they organised. In the system where everything has a price tag – including human life – folks taking care of each other and reclaiming resources without state supervision is seen as dangerous and needing a military level intervention.





On 23rd March, Pizza RA-T project occupied former Vapiano restaurant on Wardour St, Soho to share joy and free pizza with everyone.

They’ve created a beautiful, well looked after space in solidarity with anyone protesting PCSC (Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill), and to show what creative and positive action trespass can be.

From day one, they received threats from police and withstand several attempts of forced entry.

On 25th March, police fabricated a fake gas leak.

Police shut down the street due to alleged emergency – although gas workers didn’t seem to be bothered and had a relaxed tea at 6pm.

Pizza RA-T offered to open door for a single engineer to check the gas – but the offer was refused.

Around 7:30pm riot police arrived.

They forced entry, assaulted 4 people and punched one person unconscious.

They weaponized the shields and caused a head injury to another.

After nearly 24hours arrest everyone was released without bail or charges, pending ‘investigation’.

They maintained head injury and concussions.

But they still managed to share pizza on the last day.



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