Take a stand on March 23rd!

Resisting Anti-Trespass
9 March 2021
R.A.T Responds to the latest Home Office update on the public consultation on the Police Powers and Protections Bill (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/967164/Gov_Response_to_Consultation_UEs.pdf). We are calling for a day of action on the 23rd March to express our outrage and defiance of this bill that vilifies the GRT community and threatens the freedom of all to access land. Get creative on the 23rd and rally our resistance to the criminalisation of trespass!

Here’s some very useful background reading:

The Ancient Roots of Trespass – Tom Banbury | Tribune | January 28, 2021

“A number of different meanings have accumulated around the idea of ‘trespass’. In a religious sense, we see it rendered alternately as ‘sin’ and ‘debt’. In law, any action contrary to the civil code is technically trespassing. But in its most basic sense, all it means is ‘to walk across’, from the Latin trans and passus: think ‘to pass through’. It shares this etymology with the related term ‘transgress’, which started out equally innocently as ‘to move across’. Compare ‘progress’ or ‘ingress’.”

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