Stuart Christie Memorial Archive

“Anarchists do not stand aside from popular struggle, nor do they attempt to dominate it. They seek to contribute practically whatever they can, and also to assist within it the highest possible levels of both individual self-development and of group solidarity.”

Stuart Christie.

If you knew Stuart, or took inspiration from his activity, then please consider making a donation, now matter how big or small, to this fitting tribute established by his family and friends in his memory.

Stuart played an important role in bridging the gap between the struggles of the revolutionary workers movement in Spain during the civil war – and the new social movements that arose transnationally during the sequence of struggles associated with ‘1968.’

He was an important link in a chain, and his educational and practical activity inspired a new generation of working class radicals. It is fitting then, that it will be an archive that will honour his memory; a catalogue of the hidden and subterranean history of workers resistance – the lessons of which – will continue to inspire younger militants today.

Stuart Christie Memorial Archive


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