D.i.Y. CULTURE#9 COVID-19(84) – Dystopian Visions edition

Issue #9 of D.i.Y.Culture now available for free download/to read from all good virtual anarchist outlets!

Here’s the DropBox link where you can download Issue #9 of D.i.Y.Culture from.

PLEASE NOTE – For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you download the PDF of DiY Culture No.9 from DropBox to your PC/laptop/phone.

This issue is centred around the release of George Orwell’s 1984 on June 8th 1949, and the dystopian world that is unfolding in front of our eyes – where states are more powerful than ever before and are spending billions on domestic security and weaponry. This, as old people die in care homes that are staffed by underpaid and undervalued care-workers and as militarised police stalk the streets of every country in protection of the state, the rich and their property.

In this dystopian flavoured issue: a saucy, picture-postcard cover by Banksy (highly collectable), we have illustrations from Clifford Harper, The Slow Burning Fuse, Linea Blixt, Jason Lenox and David Lester. Anarchist responses to the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent insurrection against the filth. There was an anarchist tube worker, an anarchist care-worker and an anarchist lawyer not in a pub – they all wrote articles too. News/views from the streets, from Philadelphia to the Philippines. Five beautifully designed pages from the Gata Negra Collective in Valencia. Articles from Winter Oak, Paul Cudenec and on why Peasants Should Be Revolting from Dr Lisa Mckenzie. A prickly sermon from ex-bank-robber Father Jack. The joys of lockdown from an 8 year old anarchist. Ben Norton on the Anarchism of Franz Kafka and Ruth Kinna connecting George Orwell, Boris Johnson and Star Trek.

Get stuck in folks – direct-action, mutual-aid and solidarity, are firmly on the agenda. Be outward looking with your anarchism – it was always a street/workplace movement, and needs to be a mass working class force, not a members club for the politically pure.

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