“Anarchists know that a long period of education must precede any great fundamental change in society, hence they do not believe in vote begging, nor political campaigns, but rather in the development of self-thinking individuals.

We look away from government for relief, because we know that force invades the personal liberty of man, seizes upon the natural elements and intervenes between man and natural laws; from this exercise of force through governments flows nearly all the misery, poverty, crime and confusion existing in society.

We believe the coming change can only come through a revolution, because the possessing class will not allow a peaceful change to take place; still we are willing to work for peace at any price, except at the price of liberty.”

Lucy Parsons, The Principles of Anarchism.

The arseholes in Parliament will expect the votes of our kids – but the
evidence shows that politicians of all colours, don’t really give a single
flying feck about their future!!

All politicians are hard-wired to serve the narrow, venal interests of
self-advancement, obsolete political party and a rampaging state.
They’ll get our youth into debt, they’ll allow them to be robbed by
parasite landlords, they’ll vote to close down essential youth facilities,
they’ll pay them minimum wage and just for good measure, they’ll
screw the planet too.

The time for nicer managers of capitalism has passed – we really
need to change the game, not the players.

All Power To All The People

“Stop looking to the state to solve our problems. We don’t need more laws, more taxes and more State Authority. What we need is community self-reliance and self-organisation. We don’t need the same people who imprison us, enslave us and kill us in the streets, feeding our children or controlling what they believe… Free breakfast, free rides, free food, free schools – 50 years ago it was all done by the Black Panther Party for self-reliance. It was not the speeches or the arming up of the Panthers that frightened the government but their teaching their community to be self-reliant and not to turn to the state. The people have done it before and the people can do it again.”

Black Panther Party – Service To The People Programmes. A detailed account of taking power back into communities that the state has abandoned. This is social revolution and as relevant now, as it was then:

Boring fucking politics that’ll get us all shot
Left wing, right wing, you can stuff the lot
Crass – White Punks On Hope

‘Men and women … do you not realise that the State is the worst enemy you have? It is a machine that crushes you in order to sustain the ruling class, your masters. Like naïve children you put your trust in your political leaders. You make it possible for them to creep into your confidence, only to have them betray you to the first bidder. But even where there is no direct betrayal, the labour politicians make common cause with your enemies to keep you in leash, to prevent your direct action. The State is the pillar of capitalism, and it is ridiculous to expect any redress from it.’

Emma Goldman

Bookshops & Social Centres

1in2 Club (Bradford):
56a Infoshop (London):
Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh:
Bristol Anarchist Solidarity Easton (BASE):
Cowley Club (Brighton):
DIY Space for London:
Freedom (London):
Housmans (London):
London Action Resource Centre:
May Day Rooms (London):
News From Nowhere (Liverpool):
Oxford Action Resource Centre:
Partisan (Manchester):
Star and Shadow (Newcastle):
Sumac Centre (Nottingham):
Sylvia’s Corner (London):
The Common House (London):
The Field (London):
Wharf Chambers (Leeds):



You can download a PDF of this ‘zine from here


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