The slow but very real progression into fascism as charted by the evolution of the Lego police officer


Historically and globally, the police have colluded with and enforced fascism – it was the police in France for example, that did the dirty-work of the Nazis. Cops have always defended oppressive regimes, stood in protection of the ruling classes and corporations of every country and always stand with the bosses when workers strike. They are the unquestioning overseers of the state, who undertake the dirty work of military dictatorships and the powerful. Increasingly militarised, these ‘public servants’ will use chemical weapons, total surveillance techniques, tasers, guns and violence with little or no provocation. How much longer can we go up against their repression, armed only with placards and slogans? At every demonstration and protest to protect our environment, our homes, our communities, our jobs, etc, they are there. A pack of inadequate, yet increasingly militarised bully-boys that will do exactly as their politician masters tell them – never ever trust a cop and always question their authority.


“I have worked, and still do, in bars and on construction sites and factories. There, I see that my interests are not the same as the boss’s. So there is a veritable social war: It’s always those close to me – family, friends – who suffer, always the same people who are victims every day, at work etc. Capitalism produces nothing but reasons to rise up against it. All capitalist production causes pain; my own pleasure in this system brings suffering to others. This world makes you puke, and the horrors you witness every day call for a response.”

La beauté est dans la rue…

‘Même en première ligne, les normes doivent être respectées…’

‘Even on the front-line, standards must be maintained…’

Heathrow Airport ‘Consultations’

Heathrow Airport is already the biggest source of carbon emissions in the UK. The pushing through of plans for a third runway cannot justifiably go ahead if politicians are serious about emissions targets. Further evidence that these very same arsehole politicians are totally blinkered and locked into a pattern of constant, unsustainable, capitalist growth – also evidence that they do not give a single flying fuck about future generations.

They’ll get you into debt, they’ll allow you to be robbed by parasite landlords, they’ll vote to close down essential youth facilities, they’ll pay you minimum wage and just for good measure, they’ll fuck your planet too.

All environmental groups need to focus on this expansion and disrupt phoney ‘Consultations’.

Let these bastards know, that the time for nicer managers of capitalism has passed and we are going to change the game, not the players.

Fuck Heathrow – Unsustainable Growth and Mass Tourism = Dead Planet

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front
is an alliance of groups and individuals united by a belief that capitalism is one of the core causes of the environmental crisis threatening us all, and that if we do not act soon the costs of that crisis will fall on the poor and powerless.

Zah Zuh Zah – A Salute To The Anti-Fascist Rebel Rockers of Wartime France

1942, the French collaborationist press started denouncing the Zazous: young people who rejected Nazism and instead embraced African American swing and jazz music and style and fought with fascists in the streets. In 1940, the Nazis had occupied France. The French Vichy government, in collaboration with the Nazis, had an ultraconservative morality and started to use a whole range of laws against a youth that was restless and disenchanted. In Paris, young people started meeting in cafes, mocking the politics of the time. This spontaneous development was a sharp response to the deadening effect on society of the Nazi-Vichy rule. They met in cinemas, in the cellar clubs and at parties arranged at short notice – often, these events were violently broken up by the treacherous French police. When the yellow star was forced on Jews, non-Jews who objected, began to wear yellow stars in solidarity, with Zazous at the forefront of this protest.

The name Zazou comes from a line in a song – Zah Zuh Zah by the black jazz musician Cab Calloway. Johnny Hess, a French crooner popular with the Zazous, released Je Suis Swing in early 1942, in which he sang the lines “Za zou, za zou, za zou, za zou ze”, selling more units than any previously released record in France. The anarchist Zazou, singer/songwriter, jazz trumpeter, poet and novelist Boris Vian scattered z words throughout his work – just because he liked the sound of them.

Vive Les Zazous! Vive L’Anarchie!

“Government has failed. Government will always fail because it is hot-wired to act in the interests of the state, the rich and the powerful. Make no demands of Government, make them a total irrelevance. Become ungovernable.”

Lucy Van Pelt.

The cartoon-strip Peanuts, provides the perfect – if inferred – argument for an abolition of centralised authority figures. In place of those figures is individual choice, individual will, a decentralised authority in which every single person decides what they do with their lives. This leads to more happiness, more vigorous activity, more freedom than would otherwise be possible.


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This ‘zine is printed on recycled paper using the risograph printing process


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